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Welcome to BD Manufacturing, one of the world's leading online manufacturer-wholesalers of flooring & building materials. Since our launch in 1999, satisfied customers in every state in the U.S. plus over 60 countries around the globe have helped us become one of the fastest growing building products companies in the world.

We will ship up to 5 free samples of any flooring product that we carry.  Just send an inquiry along with the product number and the address to send it to and it will be sent by courier overnight.

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Slate Gray Snow Metal Shed 8'x5'

Slate Gray Snow Metal Shed 8'x5'

When you move to help others first before you help yourself, you create something powerful.

This is the idea that inspired two friends Jeff Booth and Robert Banks to create BuildDirect in 1999, an online platform for anyone to buy high-quality building materials in volume quantities for less money than retail. They’ve grown the company from the kitchen table to an internationally recognized channel for flooring, tile, and other products delivered more efficiently, and with fewer costs to the end customer.

Jeff and Rob know that making it easy for consumers to get the best results in a renovation or construction project at the best possible pricing using cutting edge technology is a sure-fire base for an innovative 21st century company. This is the road to transforming an industry in an authentic way.

Transformation and authenticity is what BuildDirect is about.